LES Quadrant

We believe that the logistics industry is ready to embrace the reality that all logistics software can and should be intelligent.

Simply put, the supply chain and logistics industry have a tremendous amount of knowledge and intuition packaged up in the minds of its people working in all facets of the industry.

We have approached a tipping point in the industry where all of this knowledge can be harnessed and merged with the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in order to advance the industry into an era where the phrase “fragmented industry” is no longer used as commonplace terminology to describe supply chain logistics.

When new terminology is introduced and used, a new method of thinking is embraced.

When new methods of thinking are embraced, new industry standards begin to emerge.

When new industry standards emerge, the bar is forever raised on what the “new normal” is.

Supply Chain Logistics Software desperately needs a “New Normal”

Logistics Expert System (LES) =

New terminology, new method of thinking, the new normal in logistics software intelligence

LES Magic Quadrant…Are You Ready?